How to Decorate your Garden with Outdoor Lights

Garden become important to beautify our house, without a good lighting the garden will be a uninterested place at night, but by installing a proportional outdoor lights as an outdoor decoration, you will see a new amazing environment in your home. For outside lighting decorations, you need to measure the yard, among other basic steps, and have a plan of how you want to lay out your outdoor lights before you purchase them.
Outdoor lighting ideas

outdoor lighting for garden

outdoor lighting for walkway

outdoor lighting ideas

There are several places of your garden that needs lighting, front door of the garden, shrubbery, Walkway, Outdoor Tree and the Sculpture. For  front door lights, you can attach the lamps to the frame and feed the light down into the groove.

Drape it over a bush or shrub to create a blanket of light. It gives a perfect spaced set of lights that won't tangle. You can purchase sets with the different functions. To add a romantic sense,  you can installing a special lighting for the walkway. For your walkway use a universal light stake, which will accommodate any type of light. Thread the cord on one side and then the other side of the stake and pull it tight for a snug fit. Place the stakes in the ground and line the walkway with them.

If you have a several trees in your garden, you can also decorate the trees,  Put the lamps on the cord and over the branch, and they simply twist over themselves to keep your lights perfectly placed. And the last attach lights to wire sculpture with sculpture clips. Pop the clip to the wire frame and place your bulb right in the clip.

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