Home Decor tips for New Year Eve

Home decor for new year eve is simple, you can classically decorate your home with the same with last year decoration. Commonly, a new year home decor is just adding several accessories such as balloon, candles, cut of papers, metallic star, etc. Here are the latest SERP about home decor for new year eve:

  1. Change your living room into a cool dance floor. Make a disco ball by buying a plain hand made paper (ball shaped) lamp shade and stick the old compact CD bits on the lamp shade. Place it at the centre of your dance floor and dance with your own disco set up
  2. Showcasing the events that happened in last year. Make a collage of photographs relating to top news stories or personal events mentioning the time and date the events took place.
  3. Consider adding décor into your festivities as well! It can be as simple as adding star punches to your hats and horn blowers or more involved projects if you have time. It's fun to throw confetti, but it can kind of be a pain.
  4. Translate that charm to the everyday by using portable lamps to illuminate any remaining dark or dreary areas in your house.

Your decorations can also be practical. Enter these napkins and stemmed glass markers! Simply punching the corner of your beverage napkins with a star hand punch quickly and easily adds a custom look to an otherwise utilitarian item.
To create drink markers, stamp the clock from the Tartan 'n Time stamp set using the mini stamp press onto assorted, colorful cardstocks so each person can have their own color. Punch out with large squeeze punch and punch out center with pop-up circle punch. Cut a slit from outer edge to center to feed onto stem. Now you have solved any drink confusion in advance as well as added to your festive décor!

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