Kitchen Designs and Decororations Tips

When decorating your kitchen remember to have enough storage, plan your kitchen around the fridge, bench and stove being in a triangle and pick a colour to suit the style of room.

There are a few things you should consider when decorating your kitchen. As well as planning a stylish and pleasant looking kitchen to suit your tastes you also want something that is functional. If you are building a new home you might want to choose your major appliances first, such as your Bosch dishwasher, and build your kitchen to comfortably fit. Once your have finished decorating your kitchen don't forget to check that any improvements are included in your contents insurance.
Kitchen Designs

Every kitchen needs plenty of storage space. You want to be able to put all your smaller appliances, such as the mixer, the toaster and slow cooker away. If you don't have space for them they end up sitting on the bench and give your kitchen a cluttered look. Have big deep drawers where you can store your pots and pans, have a specific cupboard or drawer for your plastic containers, which always seem to take up a lot of space, and create bigger shelves or drawers that will hold your small appliances.

The working triangle
For your kitchen to function as a proper working space you should have three main parts of your kitchen joined up by an invisible triangle. That is you can easy walk from the fridge, to the stove and to the bench in a triangle shape. Having this working triangle shape within your kitchen means that you will save time when cooking, that is you are not walking from one end to the other constantly, and cooking will be much easier. 

Quality appliances
When choosing appliances make sure you go for quality brands. If it is a matter of a few hundred dollars you are better to save that bit longer and get the better quality product or the one that you really want. Having a good quality fridge and dishwasher are important, as well as the oven that you really want. 

When decorating your kitchen you will most likely choose a style to match the rest of your house. If you have a period home then you will want to have a more old fashioned kitchen. You can buy old fashioned tap ware and sinks, such as the Butler sink or the Farm House style sink. There are great modern kitchen designs which are simple and uncluttered. There are plenty of magazines available where you can gain inspiration in choosing the right style of kitchen to suit your home. 

Make sure your kitchen is as light as possible both during the day and in the evening. If the kitchen windows are small you might want to consider renovating and putting in bigger windows to let in more natural light. If this isn't feasible you could always put in a sky light. Having spot lights over your bench is a good idea so that you can see properly when you are cooking. 

Kitchens look great in most colours. For something bright and cheerful yellow looks great. White or cream are flexible shades that give you the option to change the colour in your kitchen just by changing the colour of your accessories or brightening the room with flowers. For a modern kitchen you might want to try a vibrant red or dramatic black paint. In an old fashioned or country style kitchen any shade of blue or green looks great or more neutral tones.

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