How to Improve Your Homes Curbside Appeal

To improve your homes curbside appeal install security doors, put up a veranda, plant
garden and put down outdoor pavers.
There are a number of things you can do to improve the look of your home from the front, or
it's curbside appeal. If you are planning on ever selling your home this is something you should
definitely be conscious of doing as it is this first impression that will influence potential buyers
whether or not they will come in and have a better look or make further enquiries. You can
improve your garden, add security doors or security screens to your windows or even build a front
veranda design
veranda design

Security doors

Security doors do not need to be just a steel door with wire on it to keep out the bugs. There
are many styles of security doors, some which incorporate good looks into their secure design.
Depending on the layout of the front of your home you could have a larger iron wrought security
door that is more of a gate, with intricate patterns and designs that will vastly improve the look of
your home. Contact a company specialising in security doors and you will see there is a whole
range of different products to suit your style of home.

Security screens

Putting security screens on your windows will appeal to anyone wanting to buy your house because
they will feel happier knowing their future investment is secure. Security screens no longer have to
be ugly attachments to your windows that block out the view. Security screens will keep out any
intruders and insects but let you keep the window open to let in the breeze, while not disturbing
your view.


Install a veranda along the front of your home and you will greatly improve the look of it. A
veranda can give you home a more period look, it gives you somewhere to sit out of the sun and
will keep the rooms along the front of your house cooler as the veranda will shade them from the
hot sun.


A garden will definitely make a difference to the look of your home from the curb. If your land
slopes away, or if your house is built down lower than the front pathway you may need to build
a retaining wall. Build any structures that you need to first before sowing any lawn and planting
plants. Roses are easy to look after and always look beautiful. For a garden that is simple to look
after you might want to choose a more minimalist style of garden or native plants which will thrive
in your environment.

Outdoor paving

Paving will look great in your garden. You can lay a pathway to your front door or around to a

side gate way. You might choose sandstone pavers or other stone like blue stone. Pebbles look
nice along the side of pavers, or you can use them around your garden.

Water feature

You might choose to have something like a water feature in the centre of your front lawn to break
up your garden. Another idea is having a statue of some kind or an ornamental tree like a Weeping
Cherry or Japanese Maple.


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