Hotel Swimming Pool Ideas for Safety and Revenue

Hotel swimming pool
Hotel Swimming Pool

Hotels are often some of the best-designed locations we can visit. Sometimes they can be more than the worst. Many hotel and paid accommodation swimming pools cost a lot to maintain, and go under-utilized. A swimming pool can make or break how your customers feel about your hotel. Here are some useful ideas that will put any of your customers in a great mood, and turn your swimming pool area into a cash machine.
      Areas and Separation. It is always a good idea to separate types of people in your hotel swimming pool to make the most out of it. If you don’t have more than one pool, breaking it up is your solution. Families and other entertainment don’t always mix. Both are very important to your business. Allow different areas for different purposes when necessary.
      Entertainment Area. Hotels can make great money from holding smaller events. Some of the hotels I have visited in Dubai make huge money from regular ‘clubbing events’. These hotels are all 5 star, just in case you were wondering. And yes, they make a lot of money from more than weekly ‘dance’ styled parties. Having the features to incorporate a dance floor, stage and lighting, will certainly boost business. Look at sound reduction issues if they are necessary for your hotel. Outdoor pool related parties can be a huge money spinner for any hotel.
      Food and Beverage. More of an issue than what you will be selling, but consider how you will be selling it. Attractive and safe cutlery and glasses are available. It might look fancy to have classic items, but even a broken teapot can cut someone’s foot. Something that has happened to me, I might add.
      Lessons. Whether a guest is someone staying at your hotel, or someone who is living nearby, swimming lessons could mean a regular income from your swimming pool. We are all looking for assistance in the gym, and so why not apply this same strategy to your swimming pool?
      Bookings. Have you thought about booking out the whole pool and venue? This can be a huge money spinner for private and even corporate events.
      Surface Safety. There is nothing worse than plain old concrete. There are a range of modern options that give you a huge amount of grip, safety and that great look. Sandstone pavers naturally offer grip, longevity and a classic feel. The look of water and sandstone is just right. If you must go with concrete, you should think about the application of anti-slip coatings. You can choose your color, and you know your guests will be safe.
      Life Guards. Do you really want to risk something going wrong? Many hotels have signs and agreements that guests swim at their own risk. If something goes wrong, your hotel will be stuck with the reputation for years. It may turn a lot of people away from your hotel
Are you making the most out of your hotel’s swimming pool? If it is too much for you to handle internally, consider outsourcing management, and having a financial arrangement that guarantees you a minimum monthly return and additional profit share.

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Cathy Newman said...

How about the tiles for the exterior of the pool? Slipping accidents mostly occur when the swimmer is out of the pool, all drenched and stuff. These also happen to young tykes who dive from around the pool. I'm not a big fan of plain old concrete, so I'm going for tiles. I just don't have any idea what kind.