Best Bedroom Color Based on Feng Shui Principles

Chinese people believed that if we choose our room's paint color based on Feng Shui principles, the change of the colour in each room will help it's occupants to sleep in better on bedroom (increased the quality of sleep), warmer and livened up each kind of conversation of the family's member on dinning room, and bring an 'oasis' sense that was calm and peaceful on bathroom. Feng Shui can be applicated both on traditional or modern Chinese Bedroom.

Here are several color and Feng Shui principles with a pa-kua chart.
Choosing bedroom based on pa-kua chart.
Each bedroom is the most comfortable place, where you could rest and release the fatigue. Quite a few people who wanted their bedroom to become the romantic place, or the place where all of the family's members could sleep together. That was a big but normal mistakes.
For example, If the bedroom of an artist was in the position of fame section, She/He will possibly be tempted to colour of his/her bedroom with the red colour to increase his popularity. I was sure this artist could not be sound asleep in the red coloured bedroom! You know why? Because red including in the colour that, while sleep was Yin. It might be better if the artist did several matters like: placed a pillow, the doll, or the coloured photograph frame red in his bedroom, and coloured this room with calm colours that more calmed such as Blue.

Chose the colour for the child's bedroom possibly a little complicated. Most parents wanted to use the pale (pale) colour or the pastel colour that including the category of the Yin colour with the intention to increase the value of their children, but we must remembere that the children room was the place for sleeping and playing in the same place or time.

The solution is combining the colour of the wall that use soft colour room (pale/pastel) with several accessories of room (i.e. carpet, the doll, toys, the desk, table light, etc.) that use a contrast colour. Another thing that could be done to make the area playing in bedroom was by using the partition of the room, so in the same time, the children could play while resting in their bedroom.

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