Protect Your Home From the Destruction of Indoor Mildew

Indoor mildew will eventually destroy any surface on which it grows. Protect Your Home From the Destruction of Indoor Mildew, Once you have mildew in your home it is difficult to get rid of, but the good news is that preventing mildew is a lot easier. Here are 4 ways to prevent mildew from getting a foothold in your home and destroying your possessions. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth way more than the pound of cure.

Eliminate Moisture

Mildew spores are a part of life, but they become a part of your life when they find moisture inside your home. Decrease moisture in the bathroom by using a fan that is ducted to the outside. Wipe shower walls dry after showering to get rid of excess water. Make your basement as dry as possible by sealing the exterior with a waterproofing product. Cook with the lids on pots and use a kitchen fan ducted to the outside to exhaust moisture. Use air conditioning and a dehumidifier in the summer and heat in the winter to decrease excess moisture in your home.
Shut Down Food Source

Because mildew is a tiny plant, it grows by feeding on the smallest bits of dust, dirt, and food crumbs; so it is important to keep fabrics such as upholstery, carpet and draperies clean, as well as cleaning and drying clothes and shoes before storing in closets or drawers. Keeping kitchen counters, stoves, back splashes and floors free of crumbs and oily residue is essential in deterring the growth of mildew.

Keep Air Moving

Circulating air is an excellent way to prevent moisture build up. Leave closet doors and drawers open occasionally to help dry out any moisture that may have accumulated. When relative humidity outside is less than that inside, open the windows and/or use a fan to introduce dry air and lessen humidity levels inside.

Eliminate Airborne Mildew Spores

Since it is impossible to keep mildew spores from coming indoors, eliminating the spores while they are still airborne and before they find water or food is an effective way to prevent mildew from growing. A high efficiency particle arresting air purifier is designed to remove 99,997 out of every 10,000 particles including mildew spores. Constant elimination of the spores greatly reduces the chance of mildew making their home your home.

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