Basic Japanese Room Design

Japanese+home+design This picture as taken from flickr, described a Japanese room design. On this design, we can see a basic Japanese room design, actually, Japanese room design has a perfect design. This fact profed by there are a lot of house like this that had hundreds years ages. Japanese home design and constructions was planed to survive with any seasons, on Japan, there are 4 seasons but it's had perfect home design for this. In bringing the atmosphere of Japanese interior design, the basic of it's design is the using of special material from natural qualited wood.
Wooden floor and sliding door named shoji is the dominant room component. For the wall, Japanese basic home design usually used some material like a paper, so it doesn't need more lighting. So, today we can see more best home design at Japanese room design.

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Shari said...

Here's the thing, this isn't "perfect" design. It's design built perfectly for a culture that used to use woven straw mats (tatami) of a specific size as flooring. The mats themselves are far from perfect as they get infested by dust mites which both can bite you and leave microscopic dung that can cause respiratory problems. Tatami is used less and less in Japanese homes as it must be vacuumed regularly (at least once a week, preferably more) and bombed with toxic chemicals to do deep killing.

Also, the room shown here is one room of a house. This is the only room that is minimalist and often is the only one with tatami in it in modern times. This room is where the family shrine is kept (tokonoma) and not used for much of anything. In other words, it's not a living space, which is how it can be kept so empty.

This designed was used for hundreds of years because of the use of tatami. Now that tatami is used far less (and will continue to be used less), room designs are changing. It's not "perfect" at all.

anto020681 teams said...

I used the perfect word is mean, that the Japanese cultural had a perfect design on their home. The used of tatami is especially for Japanese traditional ceremonial. Not only for the tatami or partial construction, we know that Japan had much strong cultural side. But, the existance of tatami for thousand year can describe the perfect of Japanese culture from home design side